Liverpool Artwork

Gallery 1

Original artworks inspired by the phenomenal rise of Mersey Beat, the music publication that launched the Beatles and their famous A and B side single songs 'Penny Lane' and 'Strawberry Fields Forever'.

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Mersey Beat - Penny Lane & Strawberry Field

'Strawberry Field ... Impressions' (L01)

'Strawberry Field ... An Autumn Vision' (L02)

'John Lennon ... The Journey' (L03)

'John Lennon ... Homecoming' (L04)

'Drivin' Along' (L05)

'At The Dance' (L06)

'Penny Lane is in My Ears and in My Eyes' (L07)

'Strawberry Field ... Summer Fete' (L08)

'Strawberry Field ... Natures Playground' (L09)